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Clearance Collection

Clearance Collection

What is a Clearance Sale?

A Clearance sale is an event that usualy takes place when there is a new collection coming soon and the last remaining stock of the previous collection is "cleared" out to make space for the upcoming collection.

Should I wait for the Clearance Sale everytime?

These items are the last inventory of their relative collections. Out of a full collection only about 5% to 10% makes it to clearance, that means that, chances are, what you are waiting for will be sold out by the time the collection goes for clearance

How ofter do you run a Clearance Sale?

More or less we have will have Clearance Sale Events throughout the whole year. The more collections we launch in a year the more clearance sales. The items in clearance though stay for a very very short time.

Can I return an item I purchased at Clearance?

Yes! We know that most brands and retailers have a no-returns policy for items purchased from Clearance sales, we don't agree with this thinking. We want our customers to shop worry-free.