• Specially designed 2015 edition pendant.

    The MMXV pendant has been crafted out of more than 17 grams from finest quality 925º silver and dipped in dark Rhodium plating.

    The face of the noble goat has been polished to create the clean smooth surface which starts from the crown, leads through the bridge of the nose and ends at the muzzle. The large chiselled horns, each created separately so as to clearly state the asymmetry of nature, all based on careful study on the anatomy of the animal while also creating a “V” the latin numeral for 5.

    The Angelo di Spirito Rosa wings, massive and heavily sculpted attach themselves behind the crown where the secret “A” is revealed at its rightful place.

    925° Silver

    Black Rhodium Plating


  • Its early morning and the sun sparkles as it touches the slippery snow cliffs, shinny little dew drops are viscously disturbed by a sudden gust of frozen air which whistles as it rips through the razor sharp rocks. This is an inhabitable kingdom, the domain of the mountain where the steep slopes and deadly drops are a natural protection from most living things. Yet the brave goat stands on rock, snow and wet flora, where few other have ventured, surefooted and in complete balance.

    Intelligent, curious and agile the goat is a symbol of determination, sure-footedness but also of absolute bravery. Unlike other herbivores, when he comes across an intruder, he turns to face the enemy, look him in the eye and attack. But he is also, since ancient Greek mythology and through the representation of the god Pan, associated with symbols of virility, fertility and mans connection to nature.

    So with this pendant, a most unassuming of symbols, turns out to be a most encompassing, powerful and relevant to our times talisman. We wish you that your stance is brave and steady, you seek new heights and explore places thought un-explorable, face your enemies head on and take on every new challenge as a new adventure to be conquered.

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